The Mad Hungarian: Remembering the craziest pitcher MLB provides ever before seen

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January 4, 2022
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January 4, 2022

The Mad Hungarian: Remembering the craziest pitcher MLB provides ever before seen

When someone said there was a man nicknamed “The Mad Hungarian,” what would your visualize?

a solitary publisher seated at a typewriter all day with grey hair moving in every course? A chef who took opportunities by trying out all types of odd meat and spices? Think about an important league relief pitcher with the most distinct and infuriating pre-pitch behavior within the game’s history? The actual answer is a major group pitcher. His name is Al Hrabosky, and he was actually certainly the Mad Hungarian.

Predicated on his appearance by yourself, there was clearly no mistaking that Hrabosky had been individuals of Hungarian ancestry. He’d long-hair and a thicker, dark beard, many times sporting a Fu Manchu mustache that produced him appear absolutely menacing on a large league mound. But there are other main reasons Hrabosky ended up being known as Mad Hungarian and never the Regular Hungarian.

“How could I frighten batters if I look like a tennis pro?”

Al Hrabosky, after being forced to shave their undesired facial hair

Over the years, Hrabosky produced a routine from the mound which was because memorable because ended up being ridiculous. Generally doing so with athletes on base, in between pitches Hrabosky would walk off the mound towards second base, turning his back throughout the batter. He’d take a good deep breath, scrub the ball along with his hands very thoroughly, following slam golf ball into his glove. Just then would Hrabosky step on the rubber and gaze on the batter as if he happened to be challenging your to a duel. Enthusiasts loved the theatrics, but as you can imagine, opposing batters despised these types of histrionics from Mad Hungarian.

Naturally, Hrabosky’s antics earned your the standing of a crazy man with opposing team’s lovers. During a casino game in Chicago in 1975, one buff tested how crazy Hrabosky ended up being by bending in to the going to bullpen at Wrigley industry and placing a live cockatoo on Mad Hungarian’s mind. Hrabosky snatched the bird from his head and threatened to literally bite their head down. Their teammates chatted your out of it, however the mere danger merely put into his purposefully-constructed profile as a person who could have many screws free.

“I want batters to imagine I’m insane. Needs these to understand I’m insane.”

In fact, it had been this insanity that Hrabosky feels generated your the pitcher he had been. The guy personalized every at-bat as a one-on-one fight with the hitter. He wished the batter getting worried and then he wanted to punish him for your menace he posed to his very own group. It absolutely was that mindset and “the Mad Hungarian” image the guy therefore very carefully designed that once produced him one of the recommended relief pitchers in baseball.

“People might think I’m a weirdo once they see myself, nevertheless’s things I’ve got to perform. I start thinking about my fastball merely ordinary, but once I psych me I’ll place it against anybody’s. It’s positive wondering. We envision me throwing to a particular spot. I then begin to see the batter swing and miss.

We create a personal struggle involving the a couple of all of us by contemplating some thing he’s accomplished against my employees. Way too many pitchers appear like escort review Salem these are typically scared to dying regarding mound. Maybe not me personally. I you will need to change the specific situation in. I Would Like the hitter are worried, to ask yourself basically am somewhat insane.”

When all got mentioned and done, Hrabosky pitched 13 conditions when you look at the discipline, winning 64 video games, keeping 97, and posting a period of 3.10. Besides winning the 1975 NL Fireman of the season award after respected the nationwide League in saves that seasons, there’s little devices on their trophy case. In writing, it’s perhaps not a lifetime career that shines. In case you spotted the Mad Hungarian pitch, few baseball participants have ever before stood out even more.

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