Ongoing Maintenance to Maximize Reliability

After you’ve utilized our company’s installation and design services, be sure to keep your new system working at peak performance. The only way to keep your phone system in perfect working order from the first ring to last is through ongoing maintenance, and The Frieman Group in San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles area, California, is the name you should trust to deliver.

A Must-Have for All Businesses

Achieve maximum performance and system reliability with business phone support and maintenance from our full-service company. Among the most common tasks we perform on a consistent basis involves changing extensions, relocating phones, and updating the company directory in your phone system.
Most importantly, we understand that time is money in your office, and that every second counts. That’s why we work diligently and cohesively from the moment we arrive until the second the job is complete. Taking this approach means less time dealing with us, and more time to get things done.

Contract or As-Needed

Business phone maintenance is available via a server maintenance contract or on an as-needed basis. For larger businesses, we highly recommended the server maintenance contract, as you’ll likely save and benefit the most in the long run.
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