Hold or remove Bookmarks.Cleaning up bookmarks are boring.

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January 3, 2022
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January 3, 2022

Hold or remove Bookmarks.Cleaning up bookmarks are boring.

Cleaning favorites try dull. The Firefox add-on Keep or Delete favorites brings some lighter moments to this job by permitting one to work through the favorites like on “Tinder” or close providers.

Extension Metadata

The addition randomly exhibits one bookmark, like the subject, the URL while the bookmark folder. An individual provides a number of options:

1) maintain bookmark. The bookmark might be added to a whitelist and hold or erase favorites will never query again relating to this bookmark.

2) Delete the bookmark. The bookmark are deleted from your Firefox.

3) Skip the bookmark and defer the decision. Hold or erase favorites can tell you the second bookmark without any activity.

4) open up the bookmark. You may be unsure regarding the bookmark but. This choice lets you start the bookmark in a new tab before making a choice.


  • Keep or erase Bookmarks constantly reveals one haphazard bookmark
  • You can preserve or delete the bookmark, you can start the bookmark in a new loss you can also defer your choice
  • After an actions Keep or erase Bookmarks demonstrates to you another bookmark
  • Hold or Delete Bookmark makes sure that you never see the same bookmark two times in a row
  • You will find a confirmation dialogue whenever you hit the delete switch
  • You can disable the confirmation dialogs with one click
  • It’s also possible to remove favorites through the whitelist at any time

Organized qualities

You can find the roadmap and request new features within the problems tracker.

The expansion is found in these languages:

    Hold or remove Bookmarks does not work without after permissions:

    – accessibility web browser tabs

    The authorization to access the web browser tabs needs so as that Keep or erase favorites can leap towards already started user interface if graphical user interface has already been open in another loss while click on the option during the internet browser’s toolbar.

    – review and alter favorites

    You setup Keep or Delete favorites to show and take off bookmarks so that it should really be clear why the authorization is required to browse and alter your bookmarks.

    Hold or remove Bookmarks requires a few more permissions, but Firefox cannot encourage when it comes down to following permissions:

    The menus approval is needed for supplying an eating plan admission during the technology menu to view Keep or erase favorites’s interface.

    The storage space approval is required in order that continue or remove favorites can remember which bookmarks you need to keep.

    Being Compatible

    Keep or erase favorites needs at least Firefox 68.

    Report this add-on for abuse

    If you believe this addition violates Mozilla’s add-on plans or provides protection or confidentiality dilemmas, kindly report these issues to Mozilla employing this kind.

    Do not utilize this type to submit pests or consult addition properties; this document are going to be taken to Mozilla and not towards the add-on developer.

    The designer with this expansion asks which you let supporting their carried on developing by creating a little contribution.

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