Seamless Integration

Having an advanced business telephone system can change the dynamic in how you do business. Whether you’re about to set up your new building, run a home-based business, or have been in your current building for decades, the experts at The Frieman Group in San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles area, California, are ready to design the perfect system that your business will depend on for countless years to come.

Installs for New and Existing Buildings

Our team is able to perform a brand new installation based on blueprints, or design a completely new system that works with your pre-existing building and current setup. An initial site survey allows our team to locate where any cabling needs to be added, or piggyback a current line. During the design process on existing buildings, we utilize our more than 25 years of experience to identify any issues you’re currently expecting, as well as help avoid any pitfalls that you could face in the future. From there, we’re able to advise the best possible system based on your company’s needs.

Panasonic: the Worldwide Leader in Business Phones

So many businesses large and small have relied on the Panasonic name for decades, because of their superior quality products and extraordinary reliability. If you demand nothing but the best in value and performance, then these phones are for you.

Maintenance Is Key

Beyond design and installation, our company also provides continued maintenance of your system. Delivered by contract or on an as-needed basis, our maintenance program allows you to get the most out of your system, while minimizing the threat of system failure.
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