California has many distinctive marriage laws and regulations that want one to earn some behavior prior to getting the permit.

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November 18, 2021

California has many distinctive marriage laws and regulations that want one to earn some behavior prior to getting the permit.

One decision is if or otherwise not to try to get a private matrimony permit. Another is if you need a relative or friend to sign up for the Deputy for daily system.


It is strongly suggested you call the California region or area Clerk’s company to find out if they suggest setting a consultation. You could see yourselves in a lengthy range with everything a two-hour delay without a consultation in some California locales.

ID and Residence Demands

Ca calls for a picture ID like license or any other legitimate identification. Some areas endorse delivering qualified duplicates of the delivery certificates besides.

There is no need to be a citizen of Ca to apply for a wedding licenses from inside the condition.

Before you start completing the matrimony licenses software, you need to understand:

  • Where each of your moms and dads came into this world (town and county)
  • The labels of your own parents, as well as your mother’s maiden name

Confidential License

When you yourself have resided collectively as a married few, it is possible to sign up for a confidential license. This means that there will be no general public record of matrimony.

a private wedding service must be performed during the region for which you requested your marriage licenses. Should you gotten the matrimony license in California, a public marriage ceremony is carried out around the State of Ca.

Previous Marriages

You need to show proof divorce case, death, or annulment and understand exact date that a past relationship ended. Though it varies by county, you may want to push the final divorce or separation decree along with you, particularly if they occurred not too long ago.

California Hanging Course

There is absolutely no waiting period in California.

The price of obtaining a wedding licenses varies from region to district. Generally, it will cost your $45.00 or higher for partnered in Ca; some counties charge $84 or higher.

Be urged that some Ca counties is only going to take profit. Phone to make sure that exactly what your state prices for a marriage permit plus don’t set off without cash to pay for the license!

Additional Exams

Ca does not require blood tests.

Under 18

If either the bride or groom are under 18, a minumum of one for the minor’s parents or an appropriate protector must come using the few while having photograph detection with them. As an alternative, a notarized letter from a parent or legal protector can be utilized. The notary need to be revealed proof of guardianship. If a parent’s name is different from how it seems regarding the child’s delivery certificate, another kind of recognition is essential.

Qualified copies of delivery certificates are needed. The couple must schedule a consultation with a counselor. Programs must be signed for the presence for the Clerk of legal at the juvenile court where legislation.

Proxy Marriages

Proxy marriages are permitted in Ca but on a really restricted basis. Merely members of the armed forces who’re stationed far off in conflicts or conflicts can apply for a proxy relationship. The California proxy marriage rules allows army employees to provide their own power of attorneys for someone to face in for all of them during their marriage ceremony.

Relative Marriages

A marriage between cousins try let in Ca.

Common-law Marriages

Common-law marriages are not recognized in Ca.

Same-Sex Marriages

California was actually among the first says into the U.S. permitting same-sex marriages which began with state-wide residential cooperation Certificates in 1999 and continued aided by the passages of Proposition 8 in November of 2008. More, in June of 2015, the U.S. Supreme courtroom ruled in Obergefell vs. Hodges that same-sex partners couldn’t end up being rejected the ability to marry anywhere within country.

Officiants in California

Individuals who can do marriage ceremonies in California incorporate people in the clergy and additionally present or retired justices, evaluator, magistrates, marriage commissioners. Recent members of Congress are also qualified. Some County Clerks could probably perform a civil ceremony within company.

Through the Deputy for each day system, a number of California areas enable an associate of one’s group or a friend to officiate at a municipal wedding ceremony.


a Ca wedding license is actually good for 3 months. You have to have partnered and also your own wedding permit officially tape-recorded within that time. If you hold off past that time structure, you cannot become hitched without applying and paying for another relationships licenses.

Copy of Certificate of Matrimony

In Ca, it is vital that you ask a duplicate of your own marriage licenses since it is perhaps not instantly taken to you. Whether you are newly married or wanted a duplicate afterwards in daily life, get in touch with the County Clerk or district Recorder’s Office for the county where the marriage occurred to get an authorized content of a wedding permit.

Verifying Requisite

State and region matrimony licenses demands usually alter. The aforementioned info is for advice only and really should not be regarded as legal services.

It is crucial that your verify all info together with your local relationships licenses company or state clerk before you make any event or trips strategies. The California division of fitness public record information enjoys current informative data on Ca’s marriage requirements too.

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